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The Scottish–American Women’s Society of Washington, D.C. (SAWS) is a social  organization of American women of Scottish birth or lineage. The national capital area was founded and shaped by Scots. SAWS is part of that rich heritage. We reinforce that legacy by perpetuating Scottish and Scottish-American culture and traditions and by fostering social interaction among our members. We are a sister group to the St. Andrew’s Society of Washington, D.C. and participate in some of each other’s special events. 

We also take part in the Virginia Scottish Games and the Alexandria, Virginia Scottish Christmas Walk. We plan to continue offering educational presentations on a variety of Scottish heritage subjects, holding our annual membership events, and encouraging appreciation of Scottish culture among youth, as well as numerous other activities.

The Steering Committee consists of co-chairs, a treasurer, a coordinator for membership and correspondence, and a coordinator for events and communications.  These officers meet regularly to discuss membership applications, review finances, and plan events.  SAWS is currently planning our own events and working to co-sponsor events with other local Scottish-American organizations.

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